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Best Work Experience Provider – ‘Expand your horizons’ – Winners

For 2015 the Best Work Experience was adjusted into the Best Work Experience Provider Award, to award those companies who continually strive to provide their participants with innovative work abroad programmes, that will contribute to their once in a lifetime experience.

Best Work Experience Provider 2015 

Austern  best-work-experience-PROVIDER-WINNER

Austern International was recognised as the winner of the Best Work Experience Provider Award 2015 from the 13 entries in this category.

Austern International combines travel with education, and empowers students to become employable, investible and indispensable. Their programmes are run throughout Asia for university students to not only broaden their global mindset and gain entrepreneurial skills but to also create innovative solutions for a company’s problem on both a domestic and international level.
Austern International programs are based upon 3 pillars. During their three-week programmes, students will go through 40+ hours of Education, 40+ hours of Experience and 40+ hours of Networking.

The runner up for 2015 is CIEE. Honourable mentions were there for Alliance Abroad and Universal Student Exchange.

The Best Work Experience looks to encourage young people to share the great experiences gained through working abroad by submitting a video summarising their trip.

The submitted videos should be unique and creative in expressing both the fun and lessons learned during a work abroad experience (work, play or anything) that highlighted the experience.

Best Work Experience – ‘Expand Your Horizons’ 2014

best-work-experience-v2   GYTA14 - Best work experience

During WYSTC 2014′s Grande Finale – the Global Youth Travel Awards – the Award for the Best Work Experience – ‘Expand Your Horizons’ 2014 was awarded to Diego Fuenzalida, who travelled to Mountain Creek, USA through Universal Student Exchange

His dynamic video of a group of young travellers from Latin America working and enjoying the winter at the Mountain Creek ski resort, was selected as the winner from 35 entries.

“When I arrived at Mountain Creek Resort, I found a spectacular place with amazing people. There were 53 of us in total, ranging between Peruvians, Argentines, and Chileans. These people quickly became my new family. We experienced important moments together such as Christmas, News Years Eve, Birthdays, and much more.
At Mountain Creek Resort I worked in the Rental Department. It was an amazing experience because I was able to improve my English and made many American friends. With them we went to parties, had dinners at Wendys and Applebees, and visited their homes where I was able to learn more about the culture in the USA.
But how can I forget the ´travel´ part of my trip? I went to Miami, Washington, New York and multiple places in New Jersey with my new friends.
This experience has and will always have a place in my heart. I will never forget the memories I made and the friends I made along the way.
To conclude, I want to quote Mountain Creeks motto ´There are no strangers here, just friends who haven’t met yet’.”

– Diego Fuenzalida

The other submissions completing the top five were the following:

Kareen Ybanez | First Place Inc. – Watch the video >>
Ian Medina | Universal Student Exchange – Watch the video >>
Christian Jewell Tagatac | Zip Travel – Watch the video >>
Mark Jayson Mojica | First place Inc. – Watch the video >>

Expand Your Horizons” Video Contest 2013

2013 banner




The 2013 winner was Junica Ane M. Mercado, representing First Place Inc and CCI.

The winning video was announced on Friday 20 September 2013 at the Global Youth Travel Awards Reception during the World Youth Student Travel Conference in Sydney.

“The video contest is a great opportunity for students and young professionals to share their journey and wonderful experiences they had while on a cultural exchange programme, it showcases the culture of that country to those who are considering participating on the programme and provides an overview of what cultural exchange is all about.”

Shee Min, Business Development Executive

To see all submissions for 2013, have a look at the entries page.

“Expand Your Horizons” Video Contest 2012

The 2012 winner was Lam Wai Kuan, representing Speedwing Malaysia and Geovisions.