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Global Youth Travel Awards

230x160_WYSETC-GlobalYouthTravelAward-LogoWhiteOuline-v5CS5-2016The Global Youth Travel Awards (GYTAs) formally recognise outstanding performers in 14 fields of international youth travel and reward WYSE Travel Confederation members and other stakeholders in the youth, student and educational travel industry who make an outstanding contribution to our industry.

The GYTAs began at the World Youth Student and Educational Conference (WYSTC) 2011 in Barcelona with a focus on bringing to light the great experiences being provided by members of our community. Since then, the awards have evolved to include members of the wider youth travel industry and a greater number of awards.

WYSE Work and Volunteer Abroad supported awards

WYSE Work and Volunteer Abroad supports the following two Awards to showcase the importance of working and volunteering abroad opportunities for young people and we encourage all organisations to submit their nominations into these award categories:

Best Work Experience Provider 2016

Outstanding Volunteer Project 2016

As a provider of work experience programmes you need to be on the front end to develop new and unique experiences to make sure future participants will be attracted and participate in your programmes.How do you make sure you provide innovative, diverse programmes that continue to attract participants?Nominations will be evaluated on their originality, creativity, and implementation of new, innovative and exceptional ideas in programme development as well as consumer satisfaction. Across the world, many volunteer and travel projects are making a huge difference in a number of sectors, be it environmental, humanitarian, social or educational.The Outstanding Volunteer Project award looks to recognise and showcase outstanding volunteer projects/programmes in this growing industry segment.All organisations (senders/receivers) in the volunteering industry, can nominate their project by providing the key characteristics of these projects, such as sustainability, responsibility and best practices.
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Other Award categories

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