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Advisory Panel

The WYSE Cultural Exchange Advisory Panel is formed and elected by the members of WYSE Travel Confederation that have a business focus on the work experience, volunteer abroad and au pair industry.

Elections for the Advisory Panel take place at the WYSE Travel Confederation Annual General Meeting, which is held at the World Youth Student Travel Conference (WYSTC). The elections are announced approximately four months before the Annual General Meeting.

Any Full Member of WYSE Travel Confederation that has indicated their business focus to be cultural exchange can be elected for the WYSE Cultural Exchange Advisory Panel.

Panel members are elected for a period of three years, their panel membership starts on January 1 after their election.

After their three-year term, any panel member can put themselves up for re-election.

The advisory panel members provide input, fresh ideas, innovation and enthusiasm to the Advisory Panel.

Current WYSE Cultural Exchange panel members

Carye Duffin BW
Chair 2014-2016
Carye Duffin
Director, Overseas relations | CIEE, USA

I began my career in international educational exchange in 1999, joining the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE). Now in my seventeenth year with CIEE, I consider myself fortunate to still be doing what I love best – managing relationships with clients around the world and working to promote a shared cultural understanding.  Over the past 17 years, I have held various management positions at CIEE as we moved from New York to Boston to our current US headquarters in Portland, Maine. My professional background at CIEE includes crisis management, operations, human resources, sales and marketing. These various roles have given me a great foundation for my current role, Senior Director of External Relations, a position that I have held since 2015.  Prior to joining CIEE, I earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Masters in Education from the University of Pennsylvania.  My experiences also include working in the field of counseling, as well as teaching and working abroad in both the UK and Germany.  As the Senior Director of our International Sales division for Exchange Programs, I oversee our global agent network of over 150 agents in more than 120 countries. Specifically, I oversee all of the relationships with our international representatives, sales/marketing initiatives, as well as embassy relations for the J1 High School, F1 High School, Summer Work Travel, Internship/Trainee, and Camp Counselor programs.  I have very much enjoyed sitting on the WYSE Work Abroad Association Executive Board since 2010, as well as being the Chair from 2014-2016. With the newly created WYSE Cultural Exchange Advisory Panel, I hope to be elected once again in order to provide input and ideas, as well as do whatever I can to ensure that the newly structured panel is a success.


James Bell
Vice Chair 2013-2016
James Bell
President | Alliance Abroad Group, USA
James has been serving as President of the Alliance Abroad Group (AAG) since April 2011, headquartered in Austin, Texas. James is at the helm and heart of the AAG operation and has an extensive 30-year background in the travel industry over half of it working in cultural exchange. James is multi-lingual and a dual citizen of the U.S. and U.K., who began his appreciation of cultural exchange in high school while an exchange student in France. When he’s not trotting the globe to meet with employers, partners and governments or to quench his thirst for global exploration which includes at least 17 trips to South Africa, he’s generally cooking up something at home in Austin. James is a self-proclaimed foodie with a passion for creating in the kitchen, which translate into meaningful experiences at mealtime.


Bastian Weinberger - Picture
Bastian Weinberger
CEO | Smaller Earth, UK

Taking part in a J-1 camp counsellor program in the US had a life changing impact for Bastian Weinberger. The German native still pursued his education at a Business school in the UK, but was focused on traveling and supporting cultural exchange whenever possible.  After working for a few years in Germany and the US in the sports and cultural exchange sector, he joined Smaller Earth to set up their German office and to expand their range of meaningful cultural exchange programs.  Driven by the company’s purpose to ‘inspire people to go further’ he is focused on achieving the company’s vision to ‘positively impact 20 million people by 2020’. He has been the CEO of the Smaller Earth Group since 2013, a growing international group of companies guided by a shared set of values, purpose and vision with 12 subsidiaries around the world.


Delphine Vaills_squareBW

Delphine Vaills
Manager | Europair Services, France
representative for the International Au Pair Association (IAPA)
IAPA Chairperson

Delphine has been in the Au Pair industry for almost 20 years and attended her first IAPA conference in Paris in 1997. With running the French agency Europair Services in Paris and being a former au pair herself, Delphine has experience on both sides of the business and loves her job and is fully committed to it!
  Delphine is a founding member of UFAAP, the French Union of Au Pair Agencies, and has been the Chairperson since 2010 until present. UFAAP now represents 13 agencies working to improve the quality and the image of the au pair system in France; working closely with the French authorities.

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