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Dept of Immi: How a WHM can work for 12 months with one employer in two locations

04 April 2017
4 Apr 2017 -

If an employee holds a Working Holiday (subclass 417) or Work and Holiday (subclass 462) visa, the main purpose of their visit must be for an extended holiday. The Govt have finally released details around the rules of WHMs working 12 months with one employer and here they are.

They can do any kind of work over the course of their 12 month stay in Australia; however, the conditions of their visa limit them to a maximum period of six months work with any one employer, unless they’ve been given permission by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to work longer.

However, they do not need to seek permission to work with the same employer for up to 12 months, in circumstances where the work is undertaken in different locations and work in any one location does not exceed six months.

For example, you can work with one employer for up to 12 months in the following situations:

·  hotels (hostels), resorts or restaurants within the same chain, provided they are in different premises

·  independently owned franchises, in different workplaces

·  State and Territory schools and health care facilities, provided these facilities are at different addresses

·  separate branches or facilities (for example abattoirs or farms) of the same organisation or business owner.

This writer recently came up with the scenario of how a WHM could work for 6 months at Sydney Central YHA and then do 6 months at Railway Square YHA (300 metres away).

This is no longer just a hypothetical.

Maybe its even possible that they could do six months at Sydney Central YHA, then do 88 days rural work to get their 2nd year visa; work for 6 months at Railway Square YHA, followed by 6 months at Sydney Harbour YHA, and final 3 months at Glebe Point YHA, all before leaving the country after 24 months continuous work with YHA!

That’s be good wouldn’t it? Or was it they’d have to be good?


Is against the ethos of the working holiday maker scheme and would some prefer that they spread themselves around rather than just plonking themselves in Sydney (or any city).

Or are all the issues of exploitation by labour hire companies in rural areas driving the smart ones to stick to the cities?

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Written by Chris Harrison

Source: www.thebyte.com.au