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Icelanders Launch Petition for Visa Agreement with Australia, NZ

12 September 2012

Iceland Review Online reports that a group of Icelanders have launched a petition encouraging the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to make a Working Holiday Visa agreement with the governments of Australia and New Zealand.

The agreement would allow citizens of the respective countries to work for up to three months without applying for special permission. According to the petition’s founder, Þrúður Helgadóttir, most European countries, including the other Nordic countries, have similar agreements with Australia and New Zealand, and it is about time that Iceland does the same, mbl.is reports.

Þrúður, who also runs a backpacking travel website, bakpokaferdir.com, says Icelanders increasingly apply to visit Australia and New Zealand and the agreement would allow citizens of the participating countries to prolong their trips and gain greater rights while visiting the respective countries.

Source: Iceland Review Online