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WYSE Work and Volunteer Abroad is now an Advisory Panel within WYSE Travel Confederation and the Constitution and Code of Conduct for the Association are not valid after 31st December 2015. These documents are left published for information purposes only and do not govern membership.

For full governance of membership please view the WYSE Travel Confederation Articles of Association, Rules and Regulations and Code of Conduct.

“To facilitate and increase international youth travel and exchange through the promotion of culturally-oriented work and volunteer abroad activities aimed at providing young people greater knowledge and understanding of other cultures.

The term “work abroad” is intended to encompass work experience, work exchange and other types of temporary work opportunities in a third party country, and the term “volunteer” reflects any sort of volunteer and travel experience. Following all these programmes the participant is expected to return to his/her home country.”

The mandate of WYSE Work and Volunteer Abroad is to promote this mission on a not-for-profit basis. For the sake of clarity, WYSE Work and Volunteer Abroad is a trade association and not a consumer-facing brand.

Why is WYSE Work and Volunteer Abroad important?

WYSE Work and Volunteer Abroad members know that work abroad and volunteer experiences are essential in the cultural awareness and international education of students. A quality exchange programme can give young people greater knowledge, acceptance, and respect for other cultures, which is vital for the development of our future generations.

What do our members stand for?

WYSE Work and Volunteer Abroad aims to further the industry by supporting its members – organisations that help to provide quality work abroad and volunteer programmes – and protecting the welfare of work and volunteer abroad participants around the world.
The activities of WYSE Work and Volunteer Abroad demonstrate the importance of these culturally oriented programmes to governments and young people, so that more participants can benefit from exchanges without further restriction.

WYSE Work and Volunteer Abroad supports work and volunteer abroad opportunities by:

  • Providing a Code Of Conduct among members, and for the treatment and protection of participants in work and volunteer abroad programmes
  • Assisting in the development of work abroad and volunteer programmes and encouraging governments and official bodies to facilitate these
  • Encouraging governments to treat work abroad and volunteer programmes as cultural exchange
  • Increasing public awareness of the value of culturally oriented work abroad and volunteer programmes
  • Promoting our International Standards Manual for Work Experience Programmes, which establishes best practices to the benefit of both participants, as well as work abroad and volunteer organisations – CURRENTLY being rewritten –
  • Networking: hosting conferences and seminars, and promoting the exchange of literature and information for members
  • Taking part in the Global Youth Travel Awards (GYTA) by supporting two awards: Best Work Experience Award (previously called “Expand Your Horizons” Video Contest) and the Outstanding Volunteer Project Award