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Executive Board

Leadership that truly guides the association and the industry

Executive Board

The WYSE Work and Volunteer Abroad Executive Board is formed and elected by the members of the association.

Elections for the Executive Board take place at the WYSE Work and Volunteer Abroad Annual General Meeting, which is held at the World Youth Student Travel Conference (WYSTC). The elections are announced approximately four months before the Annual General Meeting.

Any Full Member of WYSE Work and Volunteer Abroad can be elected for the WYSE Work and Volunteer Abroad Executive Board.

Board Members are elected for a period of three years, their board membership starts on January 1 after their election.

After their three year term, any board member can put themselves up for re-election.

The Executive Board brings fresh ideas, innovation, and enthusiasm to the association.

Feel free to contact your board for questions, input and suggestions!

Carye Duffin BW
Chair 2014-2016
Carye Duffin
Director, Overseas relations
James Bell
Vice Chair 2013-2016
James Bell
Alliance Abroad Group
Caroline Lane - BW
Treasurer 2014-2017
Caroline Lane
Managing Director

Member 2012-2015
Rosanna Dapul
First Place
Bastian Weinberger - Picture
Member 2014-2017
Andy Woods-Ballard
Member 2014-2015
Andy Woods-Ballard
Director of Business Development


Association Management

The association manager, Linda Bosschers, executes the day-to-day management of the affairs of the Association, implements the decisions of the Executive Board and the General Assembly and organises the various association initiatives and activities.For questions, suggestions or enquiries, please contact us.